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Skip Morrow illustrated 16 books, 8 of which he also authored, from 1980 to 2000.  Two of those books are still available through The Art of Humor Gallery-I Still Hate Cats and The Joy of Smoking.  It was his wish to publish a coffee table book of his limited edition giclee prints, but that wish didn't materialize.  After his passing in 2019 his wife, Laraine, published the coffee book called Skip Morrow: The Art of Humor, which is now also available through the gallery.  This 10" x 10" hard-cover coffee table book contains 246 full color images along with biographical information about the artist, a definition of Giclee prints, and a special note from Skip about why he became a cartoonist.

I Still Hate Cats, the anniversary edition of Skip Morrow's original NYT's best-selling book The Official I Hate Cats Book
Skip Morrow's anti-smoking book, The Joy of Smoking takes a humorus, satirical  slant on the subject of smoking
The Art of Humor coffee table book is a collection of Skip Morrow's humorus and thought-provoking giclee prints




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